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Summer Fun!
06.18.04 (10:54 am)   [edit]

Oh no! I can't believe our school year flew by and summer vacation has begun. BUT...that means you can still "blog" with me about all the fun you're having.

Tell me (and your friends) about a vacation you took, a book you are reading, a story you wrote--we want to hear it all!

I started us off with the first message but now it is up to you! Have a blast and keep on blogging!

How Was Green Meadows Farm?
05.06.04 (3:30 pm)   [edit]

Hey guys,

I can't believe I had to miss the terrific field trip to Green Meadows Farm. It sounds like you had a lot of fun and learned so many things.

To help me learn more about your trip, I want you to tell me:
something new you learned
your favorite part
what you would like to see next year

Alright, lets BLOG about your experiences!

Can You Describe This Waterfall?
04.18.04 (8:10 pm)   [edit]

Awesome Writers,

:lol: I saw the terrific descriptions you did on your Habitat blog! Now I want to see your "show, not tell" writing when describing the picture of this waterfall. Hey, let me give it a try:

"I couldn't believe my eyes as I stood at the top of the covered bridge watching the powerful force of the waterfall. I saw blue water streaming from the top of the falls but by the time it got to the bottom, it looked like fluffy, white marshmallows! "

OK, now you try! :wink:

Let's Talk About Our Writing
03.07.04 (2:54 pm)   [edit]

So far we have blogged a lot about what we read! Let's turn the tables and discuss our writing and what we like best.

Do you like to write factual paragraphs about real things, OR original stories with characters, problems, and solutions, OR do you like to persuade friends to "think like you" about an idea?

You've written all three so it's time to take a stand. Blog to me about which writing you enjoy the best and, of course, tell me WHY. If you want, tell me about one of your own writing pieces you enjoyed the most.

I can't wait to hear!

It's Show Time!!!
02.15.04 (5:23 pm)   [edit]
"Mrs. D, what are you talking about? Show time?"

Well, remember when we talked about good readers making "movies" in their heads while they read? That is what I am talking about - It's Show Time.

I want you to tell me about something you read in a book or story that helped you create a "movie" in your head. Remember in [u]Elbert's Bad Word[/u], by Audrey Wood, when [b]Chives the Butler was balancing and then spilling 2 trays of deviled eggs on one of the party-goers[/b]? We made a movie in our head of that part of the story! :lol:

So, give me an example of a "movie" you made in your head while reading! Tell me the name of the book and the example! Lights, camera, and ACTION!

Make A Choice: Is It Fiction or Non Fiction Books You Enjoy The Most?
01.28.04 (3:28 pm)   [edit]
"No Way! Mrs. D, you are making us choose what kind of books we like best? Do you want us to explain why too?" :cry:

That's right, 2nd graders! I want you to tell me what kind of books you enjoy the most. Are they stories with characters, a problem, and a solution (fiction) or do you like factual reading (non fiction)? Yes, I do want you to prove it with an example from one of your Reader's Workshop books!! :wink:

I know it is hard to choose but you can do it! I can't wait to read your ideas!

Have a Book To Recommend? Tell Us About It!
11.27.03 (6:26 pm)   [edit]
Do you have a book you've read in Reader's Workshop that you can't wait to BLOG about? Let's hear it! [b]What has been your favorite book and WHY?[/b] Is it the characters you like or did you make solid connections or "I Wonder" questions? So many questions but no answers. Please tell me what you think.

Dying to Know, Mrs. D

Are You Ready To BLOG?
11.22.03 (8:53 am)   [edit]
Welcome to our 2nd grade blog! Oh, I can hear you now, "Mrs D., what is a BLOG?"

Blogging is a way for us to talk back and forth about our reading and writing! You will do it during your center and followup time. Make sure you look for the current BLOG Question of the Day and respond by typing your ideas into the BLOG. Make sure that you proofread your work for our checklist items. Remember that everyone can read and respond to your postings so use POP work. Good luck and Happy BLOGGING!